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Chicken Litter Fertilizer in Iowa

Are you looking for the best fertilizer for growing organic corn in Iowa?


Chicken litter is simple to apply, and an effective source of the Nitrogen needed to grow a variety of crops, including corn, soybeans, rice and many more. Crop Fertility Service has been selling and delivering chicken manure in Iowa and in surrounding areas since 2020.

When our farmers partner with an agronomist to determine proper quantity of chicken litter to apply, they see great results.

Iowa farmers have been using chicken manure as a source of organic fertilizer for row crops for their crops for years.

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Buy Chicken Litter in Iowa!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve had chicken manure for sale in Iowa  since 2020. During that time, we’ve been answered more than our fair share of questions. While we try our best to provide an answer to everything, we only answer what we have experience with. 

The majority of our customers take delivery for IA chicken manure throughout the summer months, stockpiling it for spreading in the fall. Due to a high sales volume just prior to planting season, we do not guarantee availability for any spring orders unless it is paid in full.


Manure work great as a pre plant application, or as a side dress to give your crop a boost.

When is the best time to spread?

While both Fall or Pre Plant (Spring) work well, we recommend taking delivery in the Fall if possible. 

We typically sell out of spring manure and fall spreading utilizes the natural freeze to break up compaction from spreading activity.

When does Nitrogen become available?

While this is highly weather dependent, we’ve had great results on availability in 30 days. 

*it’s critical that you incorporate your manure as soon as possible, or you could risk losing valuable nutrients.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

You must order in increments of 25 tons (that’s the average size of a hopper trailer). 

We do not deliver less than a full load, so 109 tons needed would be 4 hopper trailers (about 100 tons).

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